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Society Rebranding: Your Views Matter!

Dear HKSFA Members,

We write to update members of our views and suggestions regarding the potential rebranding of the name of the Society.


We had a town hall gathering on March 21, 2019 followed by an online consultation (May 8-24, 2019) on this matter.  Members’ views on the rebranding of “HKSFA” to “CFA Society Hong Kong” were collected, with the results published on HKSFA website* since June 13, 2019.

Over 80% of 59 eligible responses from the online consultation are supportive of the idea to rebrand HKSFA as “CFA Society Hong Kong”. The major benefits shared by the respondents included the further strengthening of the brand by a closer association with an international entity and allowing the Society to tap into the resources of the CFA global family as well as other industry practitioners. For the opposing views, the major concerns related to the potential loss of autonomy in areas such as advocacy and the diminished standing of the HKSFA with regulators.  You may find more details for the responses in the links below.

What we suggest:

Following the AGM on January 9, 2020, the Board has continued to carry through the rebranding exercise. After taking into account members’ views as well as the costs and benefits of an alternative route to rebrand our Society, the Board is leaning towards a change of the Society logo to “CFA Society Hong Kong”, while keeping the entity / legal name, The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts Limited, unchanged.  Based on the advice from our external company secretary, this logo change requires Board approval.  Such a change in the logo (but not entity / legal name) has happened in other local societies of CFA Institute before.

Why Not:

An alternative route of rebranding is to change not only the logo but also the entity / legal name of our Society.  This route requires an EGM with physical attendance of our members and a voting threshold of 75% to pass the proposal.  Given the prevailing global coronavirus situation, an in-person EGM may expose our members to unnecessary health risks.  In view of the uncertainty of coronavirus situation and the potential extra resources incurred, we believe the suggested approach is the most viable option.

The Board considers taking the new logo of “CFA Society Hong Kong” will not only bring about the benefits mentioned above, but also serve as an emblem of our connection to the global network of investment professionals.  We connect, we serve, and we act for the CFA community locally and globally.

What we ask from you:

We take the views and comments of our members very seriously. As such, please let us know your comment on this topic by filling in the HKSFA Rebranding Feedback Form below by April 3, 2020. Our Board will make the final decision accordingly.

The minutes of the Town Hall Gathering for Rebranding (Mar 21, 2019):
Feedback from and after the online consultation (May 8-24, 2019):

Stay safe and healthy!

Franki Chung, CFA
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts