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Hear from your peers and Share your views on HKSFA Rebranding

‘Should HKSFA become “CFA Society Hong Kong”?’


At the town hall gathering on rebranding on 21 Mar, 17 members attended and shared their views. Over 75% of participants agreed the change of name “HKSFA”  to CFA Society of Hong Kong. However, the controversy on several aspects has been raised, e.g. strengthened association with CFA designation, advocacy independence issue and regulators’ perception towards the society etc.  

As per the email titled 'Hear from Your Peers and Share Your Views on Should HKSFA become "CFA Society Hong Kong"? on 7 May, you can find out what the sharing and consideration of other members who attended the townhall are. If you have any feedback, there is a hyperlink of an online feedback form. You are welcomed to provide your feedback to us.

Due to the constraint of the human resources, it will be appreciated if you can submit your views via the online feedback form instead of email or phone call by 24 May.

  1. Minutes of the Townhall (Click here to download)
  2. Online Feedback Form
Thanks for those who have submitted the feedback on this important branding matter and be a part in shaping the future of HKSFA!