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Kaplan Quantitative Finance Certificate
Financial securities are becoming increasingly complex and demand has grown steadily for professionals who not only understand the
complex mathematical models that price these securities, but who are able to enhance them to generate profits and reduce risk. 
According to Michael Page Hong Kong FinTech Employment 2019 Guide, 95% of the FinTech employers surveyed said Hong Kong is
facing a major shortage of FinTech talents, and 47% find a shortage of proven skills is a key recruitment challenge. 
Because of the challenging nature of the work, which needs to blend mathematics, finance, and computer skills effectively, people
who have mastered quantitative finance are in great demand and able to command very high salaries.
Enroll in Kaplan Quantitative Finance Certificate and become the talent that both FinTech companies and banks will fight for! 


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Members of CFA Society Hong Kong could enjoy an exclusive discount up to HK$1,000 for each module.
Will your job be replaced by AI? Watch the videos to know more
Catch the FinTech wave – learn to work with computers with quantitative finance training to enhance your competitiveness Learn the latest cutting-edge FinTech innovations & techniques, gain your hands-on experience through capstone project 
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