[Webinar] Robotaxi - Industry Overview and Commercial Prospects (Robotaxi - 行業概覽與商業化前景)

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Our FinTech and New Economy Committee is pleased to have invited Mr. Nianqiu Liu, Partner and Vice President of, to share with us his expertise in the autonomous driving industry.

Since 2020, new opportunities have appeared in the autonomous driving industry. The pandemic greatly promoted commercial progress of self-driving technology, meeting various demands of logistics and transportation. China's Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market is full of opportunities. The automation and ride-sharing trends have changed the industrial value chain, and players are rushing to deploy in the MaaS industry. 
Robotaxi, also known as self-driving taxi/ride-hailing car, is in a stage of rapid development. As the technology and regulation are getting mature, robotaxi's commercial progress will accelerate. It is expected that the large-scale commercialization of robotaxis will be achieved in the next 5-10 years, thereby the MaaS market will grow remarkably. 
What are the core products and technologies of robotaxis? What will the robotaxi business model be like? How will robotaxi service be operated? Mr. Liu Nianqiu, partner and vice president of, will answer the questions  from the perspective of self-driving and robotaxi industry as a level 4 self-driving veteran.

2020年以來,自動駕駛行業迎來了全新的發展機遇,疫情催生了自動駕駛逐步落地,滿足了許多運輸和出行需求。 另一方面,在中國出行及服務(MaaS)市場擁有巨大潛力。 出行的自動化和共享化改變了產業價值鏈,讓玩家們爭先佈局MaaS賽道。
其中,Robotaxi,即自動駕駛計程車/網約車,更是處於快速發展的階段。 隨著技術和政策等方面的不斷成熟,Robotaxi的商業化進程自然也會隨之加速,預計將在未來5-10年之內可以進行大規模的商業化落地,從而有力帶動MaaS市場。
Robotaxi的核心產品和技術有哪些? 商業模式是怎樣的? 如何開展Robotaxi的運營? 元戎啟行合夥人、副總裁劉念邱先生將聚焦自動駕駛行業和Robotaxi市場,從元戎啟行的視角帶來分享。
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About the Speaker

Mr. Nianqiu Liu 
Partner and Vice President
Mr. Nianqiu Liu is the partner and vice president of As a former Intel senior engineer, he led the R&D and global promotion of PAM hardware. Nianqiu is an serial successful entrepreneur in intelligent hardware, IoT, intelligent manufacturing, and in-vehicle electronics.
劉念邱先生,元戎啟行合夥人、副總裁,曾任英特爾高級工程師,主導PAM設備的研發落地及全球推廣。 在智慧硬件、物聯網、智慧製造、車載電子領域連續成功創業。


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