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HKSFA is pleased to welcome Mr. Richard Goldman, Head of Market Development, Investment and Advisory, Asia, Refinitiv, to present at our luncheon on the topic “Understanding the Equity Investment Process”.  Mr. Goldman is going to cover the following topics in his presentation:

    • General concepts and terminology
      • Risk adjust performance
      • Understanding alpha and beta
      • Measuring performance: benchmark vs. peer analysis
      • Overview of risk
    • Fundamental approach to equity investing
      • Approaches to fundamental analysis
      • Valuation approaches
      • Investment Styles (growth, value, quality, momentum, small cap, etc.)
      • Style drift
    • The Quantitative Investment Process
      • Challenges
      • Mapping and Identifiers
      • Corporate actions
      • Research Biases (survivor bias, look-ahead bias, etc.)
      • Point in Time data
      • High IC, low Breadth
      • Factor Decay
      • Finding unique sources of alpha
      • Multi Factor Modls
      • What is a Whitepaper
      • Understanding back testing
      • The difference between back testing and portfolio simulation
      • Measuring factor performance
      • Structure v Unstructured data
    • Quantamental investing, a hybrid approach
      • Reasons for increased popularity
      • Approaches  to combining quantitative factors with fundamental research 

About the Speaker

Mr. Richard Goldman
Head of Market Development, Investment and Advisory, Asia

Richard is the Head of Market Development for Refinitiv’s Investment and Advisory business in Asia.  Prior to this, he ran Thomson Reuters’ global quantitative consulting and support division.
Richard’s domain expertise in systematic and discretionary investment management was attained over a 25-year career as a Portfolio Manager and COO overseeing multibillion-dollar funds.  His career highlights include:
  • Launching and managing a $300 million hedge fund seeding business at Tykhe Capital;
  • Chief Operating Offier at Castlerock Management;
  • Head of Common Equities and Senior Portfolio Manager at Guardian Life Insurance;
  • Senior Portfolio Manager at Citigroup Asset Management.  

Rating - General

Material presented will be basic and of interest to a general audience having no background in the area.  

CFA Societies Global Passport Program

HKSFA has participated in the CFA Societies Global Passport Program which allows CFA society members to enjoy local society member rate at selected events like this luncheon.  Members of non-HKSFA CFA Institute societies qualify to attend this event at HKSFA member rates.  Please contact HKSFA at to register.  
CFA Societies Global Passport Program Eligible 
# CFA Candidate(s) for Year 2018/19 only.
- Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.
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- Language: English