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HKSFA - AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2019-20 (12KM) Event Code: 191012N13-MSX
Date 12-Oct-2019
Time 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Venue Aberdeen Reservoir
This seminar is qualified for
Disclaimer: Participants please make sure that you are physically and medically fit and competent in joining this running activity. Kindly be aware of the activity’s possible risk, including the possibility of emergency medical services may not be readily available. All participants are taking part in this activity at his/her own risk, and HKSFA shall not be responsible for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death or injury, or for any damages, losses or destruction of property and/or any other economic loss arising from participating in this activity.

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You can run FASTER alone 
but you can run FURTHER together!
Join us in the "AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2019-20" on 12 October 2019 to enjoy a day of fun for good cause and run with HKSFA fellows, this is our first trail run. Registration is now open with 12 KM route for HKSFA folks. 

Complimentary running T-shirt for runners of HKSFA members only.

Entry Fee:  @HK$180 (12KM - Mixed Terrain) 

Registration Procedures

click here to sign up for joining HKSFA Team. 

2.  Participants please register and settle full payment by yourself via th
AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2019-20 Registration Page: (Please select "Race 1 - Aberdeen Reservoir")

3. Upon registering with 
AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2019-20, please send their confirmation email back to HKSFA at

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