Value Investing Gathering - Controversies on economic substances of accounting goodwill Complete

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Accounting goodwill arises when an acquirer pays more than the target’s net asset value. Decades ago, goodwill was expensed over a period of 40 years, and subsequently shortened to 20 years. Since the early 2000s, goodwill is recorded in the acquirer’s balance sheet, and the acquirer is meant to impair the goodwill by a justifiable amount only when unfavorable events are observed. This has led companies keeping goodwill on their balance sheets since the M&A.
In this sharing, the speakers will cover the following topics:
  • How is it accounted for today, and is it appropriate?
  • What are the reporting concerns raised with goodwill today?
  • Case studies of controversial accounting of goodwill
  • What does goodwill really mean to investors/analysts?
There will also be an interactive session which the speakers and the audiences will discuss how the accounting goodwill could be accounted for to truly reflect its economic substances. The findings from this initiative will help the HKICPA to decide how best to better serve the investing community, who are the frequent users of financial reports.

Speakers / Facilitators
Staff of the HKICPA Standard Setting Department
HKICPA is the accounting and auditing standard-setter for Hong Kong. In setting standards, the Department undertakes research, advocacy and educational work. The Department also works closely with standard-setters, governments and regulators around the world and engages with Hong Kong stakeholders, like the investor community, to inform the Department’s thinking and to canvass Hong Kong's collective voices in the development of IFRS Standards.

Rating - General 
Material presented will be basic and of interest to a general audience having no background in the area.  

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