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[Webinar] Is gold still a safe haven for investors amid the pandemic? [Closed for Registration] Event Code: 200630LU-CEX
Date 30-Jun-2020
Time 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Venue [Webinar]
Speaker(s) Mr. Joshua Rotbart
Founder and Managing Partner
J. Rotbart & Co
Fee Complimentary
This seminar is qualified for 1 CPT hour(s), 1 CE hour(s), 1 RBV CPD hour(s)
* CFA Societies Global Passport Program Eligible
# CFA Candidate(s) for Year 2020/2021 only. - The event will be conducted in English.
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- The webinar will be conducted on Zoom.
To qualify for CPT/CE hours, participants must attend the full webinar.
- Please log in the webinar link 10 mins in advance of the session start time to allow some time to solve the technical issues (if any) and the webinar will start promptly at 12:30 pm.
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To paraphrase an old saying, when China sneezes, the world catches a cold. And unfortunately, this is turning out to be literally true with the coronavirus Covid-19. Even with quarantines ranging from entire cities to at-risk individuals, we are seeing more and more cases reported worldwide. And while urgent efforts are being made to develop a vaccine as well as to contain the disease’s spread, the impact of this crisis is being felt everywhere, especially economically.
We are 5 months now into the coronavirus crisis, the economic repercussions are starting to be appeared everywhere. As we look to the future, what steps should be taken to ensure financial stability?
Gold and precious metals are one good example on how to preserve wealth and have long been a safe harbour during times of uncertainty like these.
  1. Current economic situation worldwide - an overview of the financial global markets in times of the Covid-19 crisis
  2. Investments in days of financial uncertainty
  3. An introduction to the world of gold and precious metals -
  • Historical recap - ingrained intrinsic value in human kind
  • Why does gold perform well in times of crisis - Diversified investment portfolio and tool for wealth preservation
  • Global trends
  • An overview of the Hong Kong gold market and its potential
  • The distinction between physical gold and different gold financial products
About the speaker

Mr. Joshua Rotbart
Founder and Managing Partner
J. Rotbart & Co
Mr. Joshua Rotbart (LLM, MBA) is the founder and managing partner of J. Rotbart & Co., a Hong Kong-based bullion house providing precious metals solutions for high net worth individuals, family offices and private banks wishing to procure, store and transport physical precious metals and other tangible assets worldwide. Joshua has managed transportation and storage of bullion worth over USD 1 billion to date. He became highly respected in the industry for his expertise and has made appearances in financial media such as Bloomberg, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal and many more. 

Rating - General 
Material presented will be basic and of interest to a general audience having no background in the area.  

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