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The mission of HKSFA JobLine service is to assist the recruiters locate most qualified candidates within the field of finance and investment in the shortest time possible.

Our members consist of security analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, corporate financial officers, regulators, and educators, typically working for brokerage firms, investment banks, mutual fund companies, trusts, corporate finance department, insurance companies, investment management firms, government, and education institutions.

Who can use HKSFA Jobline
Any legitimate recruiters (agents or companies) who wish to search for qualified candidates within the finance and investment field can use the HKSFA's JobLine Service. The recruiters need not be a member of the HKSFA. For recruitment agents, they must agree to seek approval from each qualified candidate before releasing any resumes to their clients.

HKSFA Jobline Service
The recruiters can send their job requirement on the Job Posting Form and also send us a completed Job Posting Subscription Form with authorised signature and company chop. After submission, both forms will be reviewed by our administration office for legitimacy. HKSFA reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or refuse to post any job openings on our website, and to terminate the posting at any time, and need not give any reason for such decision. This service is free of charge and we shall keep your job posting on our website for 60 days. After the job has been posted in the member access area of our website, we will inform our members by email.

After hiring, we would appreciate very much if the Recruiter can give us some feedback regarding the JobLine Service by filling out the questionnaire, so that we could improve the service if necessary.