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JobLine Questionnaire
Thank you for using our JobLine Services. Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire if you have recently posted your job vacancies on our website and they are filled now. Your feedback is valuable to us as they provide insights to further develop and enhance the JobLine Services.

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Job position:
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1 Total number of applications:
2 Number of HKSFA members application:
(If unavailable, % of application accounted by HKSFA members)
3 Number of applicants interviewed:
4 Number of HKSFA members interviewed:
5 Did you hire an HKSFA member for the job?
Yes No
6 How qualified are HKSFA applicants in comparison with the job's requirements?
Above Fair Below
7 When does the first application of HKSFA member come in after
the Job Posting?
Within Days of Job Posting
8 What are the total number of applications received from HKSFA
members during the first few days?
1st Day: 2nd Day: 3rd Day:
9 When do you stop receiving applications from HKSFA members?
After Days
10 How would you rate the quality of HKSFA members amongst other
Above Fair Below
How do you get to know the JobLine services?
Through HKSFA members
Through other recruiters
Through media
Others: (Please Specify)
Comments for future improvements:
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