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Member Benefit
The members of The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts can enjoy the following benefits : 

Benefit Non-member Price Member Price Members Save
Workshops HK$9,500 HK$5,900 HK$3,600
Seminars HK$480 HK$180 HK$300
Luncheon HK$300 HK$150 HK$150
Career Development Talks HK$150 HK$100 HK$50
Forecast Dinner 2015 HK$575 HK$300 HK$275
Networking Events HK$250 - HK$800 HK$150 - HK$680 HK$100 - HK$120
Events exclusive for Members Not invited Free Priceless!
JobLine Services No access Free Priceless!
Journal of Investment Management
US$340 US$170 (for NEW subscriber) US$170

Third Party Offers to HKSFA
Regular Price  HKSFA Member Price  Members Save 
HKIFA Annual Conference
(26 November 2018)
 HK$5,500  HK$3,900  HK$1,600
HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2018
(27 September 2018)
HK$3,900-5,600  HK$2,800-4,000  HK$1,100-1,600
Corporate Seminar: HKEX analysis on ESG disclosure and SDG mapping (6 July 2018)  HK$200  HK$100 HK$100
Climate Change Seminar
(14 March 2018)
HK$480  HK$456 HK$24
(3 Feburary 2018)
Invest Better in 2018
(23 January 2018)
USD750 USD375 USD375
Asia Financial Forum
(15-16 January 2018)
HK$10,200 HK$6,120 HK$400
Invest & Engage in the Sports Business
(7 December 2017)
HK$2,980 HK$2,533 HK$447
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CFA Societies Global Passport Program

The CFA Societies Global Passport Program allows society members to enjoy local society member rate at selected events when they travel around the globe.  It gives you the opportunity to learn more about trends and developments in other markets, and network with local professionals and fellow charterholders.  Selected events will be marked with the CFA Society Global Passport Program logo. 

HKSFA has participated in this program.  For the list of participating societies, please visit (participating societies are marked with an asterisk).

Discount Service

HKSFA is pleased to announce that the following merchants are happy to offer special discounts to HKSFA members

1. HKUST Business School Central
2. Hong Kong Automobile Association
3. Bloomsbury Books Limited
4. Academic & Professional Book Centre 

To enjoy the special discounts, members are requested to present their CFA Institute Membership Cards to the merchants upon making purchases. For details, please click here

Journal of Investment Management (JOIM)

JOIM is a quarterly journal which bridges the theory and practice of investment management and serves as a teaching resource for academia. It is a high quality, fully refereed publication which has electronic and print version.  It offers rigorous research with practical significance, drawing from the discipline of finance, economics and accounting.  Special issues on timely topics including distinguished authors who have both impressive academic and professional experience are a highlight.

As a benefit of your membership with HKSFA, JOIM is offering half-off the annual subscription fee to the online/print version for NEW subscribers. 
If you are interested in subscribing the journal, please visit

We hope that you find the publication both useful and insightful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact JOIM through their website at

Reciprocal Arrangement with CFA China and CFA Society Beijing

HKSFA, CFA China and CFA Society Beijing have entered into a reciprocal arrangement whereby the members of each party can attend the other party's events and enjoy their Member rates. The seats allocated for each event is limited, so please book early in advance by registering with CFA China (Shanghai and Shenzhen) or CFA Society Beijing. Please be mindful that the same policy for no-shows and cancellations will be implemented for both parties. Please visit  and to learn more about the activities of CFA China and CFA Society Beijing.

Active Participants Award Scheme

Coupons for Continuing Education luncheon or half-day seminar will be awarded to members who have attended the HKSFA functions and obtained at least 20 CPT hours within each fiscal year (July - June). The top three participants of these members will also be invited to join the HKSFA Annual Award Dinner and presented with a recognition certificate and a small gift.


A library has been set up in the HKSFA Office. Members are welcome to borrow books from our library. Please click here for the book list and regulations.


HKSFA members may access job postings from corporations looking for CFA candidates or CFA charterholders.


HKSFA members may access other useful web sites recommended by other members.

Acknowledgement - On behalf of the Board of HKSFA, we would like to express our gratitude to the Advisory Board of The Journal of Investment Management for providing our members with the above special offer.