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HKSFA Committees consist of like-minded volunteers who are willing to assist the HKSFA to achieve its mission, share professional interests and goals via committee work like planning programs and social events for the Society, exploring new career options and networking.

Being a volunteer of HKSFA, you will be connected to a community of professionals and affiliations of the investment industry who are eager to devote their time, knowledge and experience to help theSociety. Participating as a committee member helps network with more peers and industry leaders, gain knowledge as vital participants in their professions and contributes to the development of the investment community.

HKSFA members who are willing to contribute their time and effort are welcome to serve on committees focussed on various aspects. Members are interested to join a committee may contact HKSFA staff or the committee chairs at any time. 
Find out more about our Committees here.

Benefits of Volunteering as HKSFA Committee Member
  • Develop professional relationships and strengthen your ties in the investment community. Committee work helps you in contact with other leading financial professionals.
  • Network with other members and affiliations to share information and ideas.
  • Enhance knowledge of your field by contributing to the committee programs.
  • Receive professional experience and expertise in new areas of finance or gather new ideas for your current area.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Contribute to the success and viability of HKSFA.

Responsibilities of Committee Member
  • To assist the HKSFA to achieve her mission;
  • To build and strengthen relationships with related groups in the investment community;
  • To participate and contribute in committee meetings and its activities;
  • To plan, organize, promote, and evaluate events and activities.

Committee Meetings and Communication
Base on the agenda and availability of members, each committee has its own meeting schedule that fits its programming slate. Email groups may also be set up to facilitate the discussion that allows committee members to foster communication beyond their in-person meetings.

Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors who reports the committee’s affairs to the board during board meetings.

Mechanism to Encourage Participation
Our Directors will work with the new volunteers closely on their involvement in the activities of HKSFA and in the investment community. Awards and recognitions will be given to outstanding committee members who have made significant contributions to the Society.

See more about the criteria of our Volunteer Recognition Scheme here.