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Volunteer > Criteria of Joining the HKSFA Functions

Criteria of joining the following HKSFA FUNCTIONS





Committee Role

·     To review and provide valuable comments and suggestions on consultation papers published by government,  
regulators, and other professional bodies e.g HKEx, SFC, IASB and CFA Institute

·       Provide unbiased, meaningful and independent  view on advocacy issues with the understanding that volunteers’
view will be seriously considered but may or may not be adopted

·       To participate in round-table discussions for the formation of the committee’s policy views


Time Commitment

·       To comment on 2 to 3 consultation papers every 2 months

·        Each consultation paper could take up to 2-3 hours for review and comment

·        3-4 round-table sessions each year for approx. 1-2 hours each



·       Strong interests in staying abreast of the financial industry regulatory trend

·       Willing to stay in close contact with local and regulatory bodies

·       Knowledge and experience in Legal & Compliance is an advantage but not compulsory



Best Research Report Competition (BRRC)


Committee Role
·       To recognise excellence in published research

·       To raise awareness of written research and elevate professional standards among analysts

·       To promote the best analysts and best house among our members and media

·        A competition on written sell-side equity research reports published in the last 12 months

·       Research reports have to be nominated by HKSFA members


Position : BRRC Judges

Time Commitment :

·       Seasonal, review 10-15 research reports over 6 weeks period ending Sep/Oct


Experience Requirement

·       1st Round: currently in Buy-side role preferably as analyst or portfolio manager

·       2nd Round: Over 10 years experience in Buy-side preferably being senior portfolio manager or CIO


CPT Hours

·       CPT credit hours entitlement (depends on the number of reports to be graded) and the hours are recognised by
the Securities and Futures Commission



Career Development


Committee Role

·       To organise annual career development seminar/conference to support a well rounded job functions and invite speakers

·       To assist in idea generation and promote the event to finance professionals including new emerging career trends and
developments and career transitioning

·        To organise career development workshops to target specific skillsets like interviewing, coaching and presentation,
business etiquette and social media profiling

·        To promote Jobline to source recruitment opportunities relevant for HKSFA members


Time Commitment

·       Seasonal - typically first half of the year

·       To attend committee meetings to discuss topics, potential speakers, logistics of the career development

·       To liaise with speakers on event logistics


Experience Requirements

·       5+ years of relevant work experience

·       Strong interests in exploring career development opportunities and industry trends



Candidate Education


Committee Role

·       To promote the professional designations and related programs, support the Society’s service to candidates and manage the
Study Group
related initiatives.



The Committee shall:

·       Develop, strengthen and implement society’s service related to candidate education with the support of staff office
and other volunteers (e.g. study group leaders).

·       Establish program/initiative of recruiting new study group leaders (i.e. group leaders succession) and ensure continuous
candidate support and engagement.

·       Lead and manage the communications with candidates and volunteers over different channels
(email, social media, events, etc)

·       Understand candidates’ experience and needs on studying and taking the exam, as well as HKSFA’s study groups.

·       Consolidate and provide suggestion/questions regarding CFA curriculum and the CFA program to CFA Institute.

·       Liaise with service providers (e.g. publishers, prep course providers) on potential collaborations benefiting candidates
and helping HKSFA towards its vision and mission.


Time Commitment

·       Meeting at least every 2 months

·       Ad hoc conference call / meeting / email or whatsapp communications

·       Approximate 2 - 8 hours a month on implementing ideas.



Study Group Leader


Study Group Leader Role

·       Establish general rules and guidelines for the study group (e.g. frequency of meetings)

·        Keep the study group members focused and motivated

·       Help members to plan revision timetables

·       Initiate study group meetings and make suggestions on how and what to study

·       Share previous study experience and exam taking techniques

·       Act as a bridge of communication between the Candidate Education Committee and the candidates, provide necessary support
and feedback to the group leaders



·       An exam cycle



The Study Group Leader shall:

·       Share study experience and help the candidates to get prepared for the CFA Program exam

·       Should get familiar with the latest development in the CFA curriculum and changes in recent syllabus

·       Lead and facilitate the candidates to prepare for their study plan

·       Motivate the candidates to meet regularly and complete their study according to their plan

·       Provide feedback and recommend possible solutions to HKSFA for support needed from the candidates


Time Commitment

a.   Frequency

·        Highly varied depending on the level of participation of Group Members

·        Meet at least once towards the beginning of the Study Group cycle, and

·        Have one meetup every month thereafter


b.   Length

·        No specific requirement for the length of time for a meetup

·       Be tailored to the taste of the group members



Continuing Education


Committee Role

·    To organise educational luncheons, seminars and workshops on industry developments and topics of interest to finance
professionals, and assess the eligibility of Continuous Professional Training (CPT) hours


Time Commitment

·      Ongoing – Attend committee meetings (approx. once a quarter) to identify topics of interest and invite speakers.  Review
presentation materials (approx. once a week) to assess the eligibility of CPT hours and rating.  Be the MC to facilitate/introduce
speakers at the events.  The committee organises 20-30 events a year.


Experience Requirements 

·        5+ years of relevant work experience

·        strong interest in developing technical skills and keep abreast of industry developments through continuing education
and training



FinTech Special Interest Group


Committee Role

·        Committee Role: Position HKSFA as the FinTech advocate for Hong Kong investment professionals by providing:

Ø  a forum to hear from exchange views with FinTech thought leaders;

Ø  a source of continue education on the latest FinTech developments;

Ø  investment professionals career trajectory realignment pathways.


Time Commitment

·         Peak activity in 2Q & 3Q leading up to signature events (FinTech Fireside & FinTech Forum).

·        Smaller events and ad-hoc courses throughout the year.


Experience and skills preferred

·        interest in, and industry connection to, the FinTech space;

·        ability to generate FinTech event ideas and help organize events;

·        connect and invite thought leaders to speak and share at events;

·        Communicate effectively with office event staff.



·        Committee members need to liaise regularly with office staff





Committee Role

·        To set, implement and monitor investment policy for HKSFA reserves and working capital.


Time Commitment

·        Annual meeting to review performance and revise policy.  Periodic monitoring throughout the year.


Experience Requirement

·        Investment policy review and revision (mid- to senior level)

·        Investment performance reporting and attribution (junior to mid-level)

·        Asset allocation and investment strategy (mid- to senior level)

·        Portfolio management – multi mandate and asset experience preferred (mid- to senior level)



·        Committee members need to liaise regularly with office staff



Member Services


Committee Role

·        To participate in organising HKSFA Member Services events and activities, including:

-          Signature events, such as the annual dinner/drinks and HKSFA Charter Award Ceremony / Awards Night

-          Lifestyle, sports, and social events, such as wine-tasting workshops, hiking with dinner gatherings, summer boat trip etc


Time Commitment

·        Monthly meetings and ad hoc ones (depending on the needs for specific events)


Experience Requirement

·        Interest, experience, and ample energy to help organise enjoyable and meaningful events for fellow members



Portfolio Management Competition (PMC)


Committee Role

·        To manage HKSFA-HKEX Portfolio Management Competition, whose aim is to identify portfolio management talent


Time Commitment

·        Month leading up to event start and finish (typically 1Q and 4Q, respectively): moderate


Experience Preferred

·        Project planning

·        Event promotion

·        Investment Performance and Reporting



·        Committee members need to liaise regularly with key stakeholders:

-          Office Staff

-          Competition Sponsor (HKEX)

-          Trading Platform Provider (Interactive Brokers)

-          Performance Analytics Sponsor (EY)

-          Judging Panel



Research Challenge – HK Local Final


Committee Role

·        To plan the event timeline

·        To formulate the rules and regulations

·        To determine the subject company for HK local final

·        To invite mentors, graders and judges  

·        To organise and participate in the competition’s networking activities 


Position : Graders (CPT credit hours entitled)

·        Analysts, portfolio managers, or other professionals with experience in either preparing or reading sell-side research 

·         Preferably sell-side analysts with 5 years of working experience  (preferably CFA charterholders)

·        With the enthusiasm to promote ethical decision making to the next generation of financial professionals

·        Review and critique the written research reports for the Hong Kong Local Final of the Challenge 

·        Review 5-8 investment research reports and score each section and provide constructive comments to the teams on
their reports


Position : Mentors (CPT credit hours entitled)

·        Preferably sell-side analysts with 10 years of working experience (preferably CFA charterholders)

·        With the enthusiasm to teach best practices and promote ethical decision making to the next generation of financial

·        Contribute 6 hours to provide guidance to the team to do their investment research report.  The 6 hours would include
emails and phone calls.

·        Mentor the team during the research process, reviews and critiques the team's company analysis report. 






Committee Role

·        To attract corporate sponsorship funding for HKSFA events


Time Commitment

·        Ongoing – Activity level mirrors corporate budgeting cycle


Experience Preferred

·        Seniority that allows senior level corporate contacts

·        Experience in client-facing or similar roles that involves pitching funding requests



·        Committee members need to liaise regularly with office staff and other committee chairs



Value Investing Special Interest Group


Committee Role

·        To gather like-minded members within HKSFA to learn value investing and improve together

·        Event examples: book sharing, value manager talk, industry 101, blogger interviews, accounting shenanigan discussions,
academic paper review, etc

·        Event organisation for the Value Investing Special Interest Group


Time Commitment

·        Moderate – Monthly to bi-monthly events organisation and informal gathering


Experience Requirement

·        A passion in fundamental driven, long-term, value based investment style

·        Eager to read, learn and share knowledge (learning machines)

·        Members with an industry focus

·        Members who are already managing money professionally to share war stories / lessons



Volunteer Management


Committee Role

·        Need assess, source, deploy, reward and mange HKSFA’s volunteer pool.


Time Commitment

·        Ongoing – Peak activity levels ahead of recruitment (typically during 1Q) and appreciation (typically during 4Q) events.


Experience and Skills Preferred

·        Human resource or volunteer management experience

·        Public relations and promotion

·        Project management and planning



·        Committee members need to liaise regularly with office staff and other committee heads




University Relations


Committee Role

·        Best if alumni of one of the major HK universities

·        To organise or support university related activities to support graduating students to take the CFA exams or enter into the
finance industry

·        To assist in idea generation and promote activities to students including CV review, job interviewing  and finance career sharing

·        To invite students to selective HKSFA events to ignite their interests in taking CFA exams. 

·        To sponsor selective finance related university events to source potential HKSFA student members


Time Commitment

·        Seasonal - typically first and second half of the school year from Sep to Jun

·        To attend committee meetings to discuss topics, potential activities and invite speakers, and organise logistics


Experience requirements

·         3+ years of relevant work experience

·        strong interest in giving back to one’s own local university or university related activities



Women In Investment Special Interest Group


Committee Role

·        Committee Mandate: To organise value adding activities for HKSFA female members from luncheons, seminars and workshops;
also collect feedback and foster supporting communities for Women In Investment.


Time Commitment

·     Ongoing – Attend committee meetings (approx.. once a quarter) to identify topics of interest and invite speakers. 
Propose and help hosting value adding activities for Women In Investment.



Other Functional Support


Volunteer Role

·        To provide functional support to HKSFA, e.g.

-     Talk to university students

-     Graphic design

-     Social media marketing

-     Photography / videography

-     Editing / copywriting.


Time Commitment

·        Regular contributions and/or ad hoc contribution, based on nature of functions.


Experience Requirement

·        Relevant specialist skills.